1-acre of green campus seamlessly blending co-living, co-working and open spaces in Dharamshala for people passionate about living in nature with like-minded people.

1 acre of green, coliving, coworking campus in Dharamshalaopen community space for bonfire, yoga, meditation, music, dance, etc.

Modern Coliving

The timeless ideals of community living without sacrificing the conveniences of the contemporary world. AltSpace is where the magic of the internet, remote work, and community living in the nature come together.

We weave together the best of both worlds, creating an environment that fosters human connection, productivity, and a harmonious blend of modern comfort with the serenity of nature.



We’ve been here for 7 years, everything is figured out. So you can focus on what matters without having to struggle with the basics.

Residents get access to private rooms, 3 nourishing home-cooked meals, high speed internet, a dedicated work desk in your room, shared co-working space, connections for anything that needs to get done and of course, friends for life.


Nature & Vibes

Dharamshala is in the lap of the Himalayas. Chase sunsets, indulge in river dipping, trekking, sports, and savor breathtaking views. Explore beautiful trails, local arts and music scene, cafes, engage in spiritual and wellness programs etc.

Dharamshala offers a lot. And with a good community it enriches life in myriad ways. AltSpace could be your home base as you embark on these exciting explorations.


Curated Community

Our curated community is built on the principles of mutual respect, open-mindedness, intentionality, interests, and a shared passion for embracing slow and intentional life in the nature.

We request new members to fill out a one-time form, allowing us to better understand them and assess alignment with our values. This helps us craft our environment and community for a positive enriching experience for all.

AltSpace residents come from all walks of life and spend a few weeks to several months a year living in the campus.

  1. - Healthy & productive lifestyle
  2. - Valuable network & vibrant community
  3. - Organize & participate in activities
  4. - Slow & intentional life

Born out of passion

At AltSpace, we are committed to building platforms that promote personal growth. Physical spaces enable meaningful friendships, collaborations, activities, and a rich social life. This space is a natural extension of the idea behind AltCampus, our educational arm.

AltSpace is more than a coworking, coliving space. We are a community space for remote workers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, creators, and artists seeking growth and shared experiences.

Born out of passion

Mudhouses in the campus are local Himachali style with modern amenities


Slowness allows intentionality - whether being productive or simply marveling at the mountains

Time slows here

AltSpace is crafted to be a place where productivity and relaxation converge seamlessly.

Nestled in a tranquil environment, AltSpace ensures uninterrupted high-speed internet (300Mbps+) coupled with day-long power backup, along with an awe inspiring view.

Beyond the workspaces, AltSpace inspires an active lifestyle. Enjoy moments of leisure and connection with others through outdoor and board games.

AltSpace provides space and environment that encourages you to be intentional with your time and energy - be it working, relaxing, or connecting with others.

With your tribe

Happy Vibe, evening bonefire with sunset

Happy Vibes

With its culture and activities, AltSpace cultivates a sense of camaraderie among its residents. Relaxed, happy and open environment creates an ambiance where happiness effortlessly becomes a shared and contagious experience.

Active Lifestyle, playing football

Active Lifestyle

Open spaces, access to beautiful walks and playgrounds encourages residents to participate in various physical pursuits, fostering an atmosphere where an active and healthy lifestyle seamlessly becomes a shared and uplifting experience.

Meaning Conections, Onam celebrations at AltSpace

Meaningful Connections

We share a dining table, have conversations over tea, celebrate together, have fun, and build lasting bonds. Genuine connections, enriching shared experiences, create a community where relationships flourish organically.

What do folks have to say about us!

AltSpace is my home away from home.

Away from the hustle bustle of the town, situated in the lap of gigantic mountains, AltSpace is my home away from home. I have been here for a month now and have enjoyed every bit of it. One window of my room opens to majestic mountains and the other window opens to vast green fields.

Wifi is blazing fast and there is a power backup as well. We play games like Table tennis, Volley ball, and many other indoor games after work. I have made life long friends here. Not to mention the taste of food which is really delicious. The atmosphere is vibrant here.

I would totally recommend this place for remote workers looking for a fall back in the lap of mountains at an affordable pricing and who want to be around really great people.

Pricing & Amenities

Rooms at AltSpace coliving space are well equipped

Rooms are warm and comfortable and come with a work desk

Bed Icon
Private rooms
Cutlery Icon
3 home style meals a day
Wifi Icon
High speed internet connection
Workstation Icon
An awesome cozy working area
BoneFire Icon
Community activities
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Learn more about our coliving and coworking space.

Please checkout the pricing page for room options and corresponding charges for various durations.

Remote yet highly accessible

  1. The nearest domestic airport to Dharamshala is the Gaggal Airport also known as the Kangra Airport, which is located at a distance of 15 km from Dharamshala. Daily flights connect the airport to a number of cities in India including the capital.

  2. You can book a cab or a taxi to our campus located in Khaniyara Valley from the Gaggal airport. It is a mere half an hour journey to reach AltSpace.

  3. For tourists coming from other countries, you can take a flight to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. From there, you can either opt for a bus, cab (490 km with a 10-11 hours journey) or take another flight from IGI Airport to Gaggal Airport and reach AltSpace similarly as above.

Join this incredible community

Join us at AltSpace, where meaningful relationships, shared experiences, and a happy, positive atmosphere await. Take the first step towards a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle— fill up the community access form to book your stay here.

Tea garden - 10 minutes walk away from AltSpace

This beautiful tea garden is 10 minute walk from AltSpace. There are beautiful walks all around.